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Welcome ~ Harward Brothers Livestock Market

OPEN! September 7th for the Labor Day Holiday

Welcome to Harward Brothers Livestock Market's Web Site. The site includes many resources for you, our customer.

We use a service that allows you to interact with our office computer system over the Internet. This service requires you to download an application so your computer can communicate with ours.

Additionally, the site will include marketing information for you, after all this is why each of us is in the cattle business. NC Department of Agriculture, represented at the sale each week, gathers current price and market information which is available Tuesday 10:00 a.m. We also include a grade and frame descriptions on your check. You will find this located next to the color description of each animal, provided your animal is not the standard M/L 1.  This grade is included to guide you, while not displayed to the buyers, in your selection of cattle for future profitability. The Federal grade and frame score charts are available in the Marketing section.

Finally, please remember this site developing daily. We are adding New Features as they become available. Please let us know what we can add to this site. After all, we exist to serve you, please forward all comments. Thank you!